As one of Asia's top renewable energy companies, we recognise that Sembcorp has a crucial role in enabling an energy transition that takes into account the needs of our partners and communities. We factor in the sustainability priorities of our stakeholders to support a smooth transition towards a low-carbon future together while enabling collective progress in achieving long-term value and growth.

As we take decisive steps towards a brighter, greener future, we remain mindful of the impacts of our business activities today. We have identified three material sustainability factors to systematically monitor for impacts and to proactively invest in mitigation efforts through well-defined, measurable targets. The three material sustainability factors that we have prioritised as most key to a sustainable transformation are: Climate Action, Empowering Lives and Resilient Business.

Climate Action

We acknowledge the scientific consensus that human activities have led to increased greenhouse gas emissions and its resulting impact on the planet. As an energy company, we face climate and environmental risks that could potentially impact our bottom line. Conversely, we also have opportunities to drive the growth and development of low-carbon solutions to enable the global energy transition.

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Empowering Lives

Our communities and employees enable the success of our business. Uplifting communities helps build goodwill and promotes local development, while advancing the capabilities of our employees supports our transformation and growth.

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Resilient Business

In today’s dynamic global and macroeconomic environment, we believe that a resilient business requires a robust framework that identifies, manages and mitigates current and emerging risks. These risks include corruption, non-compliance with laws, as well as health and safety. A resilient business undergirds our transformation plan and targets.

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