Case study: Greening our buildings

Buildings and their construction are responsible for almost 40% of the world’s carbon emissions*. Keeping that in mind, we design our buildings with lower embodied and operational carbon while keeping them healthy and comfortable for occupants.

LOTUS-certified: Sembcorp Logistics Park

Our warehouse design takes reference from Vietnam's LOTUS green building standards. Environmentally friendly considerations and features incorporated include energy and water saving features, rainwater harvesting system, use of low embodied carbon materials such as green concrete and unbaked bricks, paint with low volatile organic compound content as well as heat reflective roofs.

EDGE-certified: The Habitat Binh Duong

Our condominium project has been certified by EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”), a green building standard by the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank. It is built with external shading and insulated roofing, which keep all units cool. The design and material help to achieve 22-32% of power and water savings. The project’s three phases are connected to each other by a central park surrounded by preserved mature trees, forming a green space for community gathering.

*Source: World Green Building Council

Case study: New smart and sustainable concept for industrial parks

In 2022, we introduced a new smart and sustainable industrial park concept at the VSIPs.

The first realisation of this groundbreaking concept was in our 1,000-hectare VSIP Binh Duong III. It was designed to incorporate smart technology across the park’s operations, from energy and water usage to waste management, as well as to traffic and security management.

Our use of real-time tracking technology provides us with enhanced visibility over our operations, allowing us to remotely monitor, analyse and optimise the performance of our facilities. For the park’s workers and customers alike, this translates into an environment that is more secure, reliable, efficient and conducive to focus on their core missions.

The project’s 100-hectare first phase was also pre-qualified to meet the Singapore Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark for industrial districts, making it one of the greenest and most sustainable workplace environments in Vietnam.

As part of the VSIP Binh Duong III masterplan, we are also looking into providing a wider range of sustainable solutions such as micro-grid integrated solar and battery storage, wastewater recovery and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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VSIP office at VSIP Binh Duong III