Exploration of low-carbon fuels – ammonia and hydrogen

The introduction of low-carbon fuels like ammonia and hydrogen is crucial for the decarbonisation of existing gas plants. We actively explore these solutions through strategic partnerships such as:

  • Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Sojitz Corporation and Kyushu Electric to pursue potential opportunities for green ammonia production in India, for export to Japan
  • Shortlisted by the Energy Market Authority to submit proposal for low- or zero-carbon ammonia solution for power generation and bunkering on Jurong Island in Singapore

MOU for Ammonia Power Gen

  • Joint development study agreement with PT PLN (Persero) to assess the feasibility of green hydrogen production in Indonesia for export to Singapore

Green Hydrogen MOU

  • MOU with Gentari to explore the development of hydrogen production facilities and transportation from Malaysia to Singapore 

As one of the largest importers and retailers of natural gas into Singapore, we can offer decarbonisation solutions to our customers through low-carbon feedstock, either as an alternative fuel to, or blend with natural gas. We will continue to leverage our energy and renewables expertise to participate in opportunities across the green hydrogen and ammonia chain.