GoNetZero™️ is a global decarbonisation solutions platform providing comprehensive solutions to help our customers achieve their net zero goals. Decarbonisation commitments have accelerated significantly in the last two to three years. As the urgency to decarbonise intensifies, companies are increasingly looking for solutions to move from climate commitment to action. The impetus to decarbonise expands beyond large businesses – there is an urgent need for decarbonisation solutions to ensure that all companies, regardless of size, scale and stage of readiness, can participate in the net zero journey. This change cannot be deployed at scale through a one-size-fits-all approach.

GoNetZero™ envisions a future where every business, big or small, is empowered on their net zero journey. By leveraging advanced technology, we enable companies to measure, abate, offset and report on-going emissions. The transformative potential for what we do is at an inflexion point – the total addressable market is currently estimated to grow to US$20 billion by 2030.

The core of our GoNetZero™ decarbonisation solutions platform leverages blockchain, advanced technologies and other smart tools to measure decarbonisation efforts and ensure transparency. By using blockchain technology, GoNetZero™ is able to track renewable energy from source to consumption, which enhances traceability of renewable energy usage. We successfully launched Asia’s first 24/7 hourly matching of power consumption with renewable energy generation, powered by blockchain technology.

GoNetZero™’s comprehensive solutions suite includes our proprietary platform smart energy asset management system that helps to maximise renewable energy generation yields, and our digital marketplace that offers one-stop access to verified renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon credits, including those from Sembcorp’s portfolio of renewable energy projects globally.

GoNetZero™ is the carbon management business of Sembcorp Industries, a leading energy and urban solutions provider that is listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange. Launched at COP27, GoNetZero™ is a trusted partner of a growing number of global and local companies, including those from the financial, consumer goods and technology sectors.

The journey towards net zero is multi-dimensional and complicated, yet existing solutions are fragmented and siloed. GoNetZero™️ addresses the decarbonisation challenges that many companies face today through:

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