To help our customers manage and make the most of their water resources, our industrial wastewater treatment plants on Jurong Island enable us to recycle as much water as possible and supply it to our customers for maximum reuse.

We also provide other sustainable water solutions to our customers such as alternative water sourcing. For example, we are capable of supplying seawater in place of NEWater for the cooling needs of our customers’ operations.

We offer:

Bringing total water solutions to you

As a global leader in total water solutions, our water capabilities help conserve valuable water resources. Our expertise and technology enable us to treat multiple streams of complex high concentration industrial wastewater. We are also the first facility in Singapore to reclaim water from industrial and municipal wastewater effluent.

Centralised closed loop industrial wastewater management

For over two decades, we have consistently delivered a full spectrum of water management solutions for leading petroleum, petrochemical and specialty chemicals customers at Singapore’s energy and chemicals hub on Jurong Island.

Our ability to integrate water supply, wastewater treatment and water reclamation into a closed loop enables our customers to enjoy superior cost savings while achieving their sustainability targets in water resources management.

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