As the leading solar energy player in Singapore, we are well-positioned to help you harness the infinite power of the sun and energise your business with green electricity.

We offer a full suite of solutions including rooftop, floating, and ground-mounted solar PV systems. With Sembcorp, you can optimise your available and unused water bodies, rooftop or land spaces and use every ray of sunshine to your benefit.

To offer you affordable and accessible green energy, we provide bundled energy solutions that take the heat off your efforts to power smart and go green, including end-to-end solar panel installation and maintenance. As both a power generator and an electricity retailer, we are uniquely able to bundle cost-effective power plans to meet your business energy needs.

Generating green energy on your premises also means you can sell your renewable energy certificates (RECs) and get more energy credits. Alternatively, you may prefer to retire your RECs to meet your green energy requirements.

Our team can help you with the decisions to optimise the energy profile of your business. Together, we can build a low-carbon future, and help Singapore achieve its solar target of at least 2 gigawatt-peak (GWp) by 2030.

Learn more about our solar solutions below:

Rooftop solar

Make optimal use of your existing rooftop spaces to generate solar energy.

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Floating solar

Discover the key components of our floating solar farm, one of the world’s largest inland floating solar PV systems when commissioned.

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Utility-scale solar

A utility-scale solar farm generates large amounts of solar energy equivalent to a full-scale power utility.

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Estimate your savings and assess the potential of solarising your building with our free tool.

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