Your energy needs and sustainability targets become ours when you choose Sembcorp. This is our commitment to you and to our environment. We offer a range of power plans to meet the different energy needs and sustainability targets of various customer groups.

Business Power Plans

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

For customers with monthly power consumption of 50MWh and below.

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Commercial & Industrial Customers

For customers with monthly power consumption of more than 50MWh.

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100% Renewable Energy

For customers with specific green energy requirements, we offer the option to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) alongside your power plans.

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Residential Power Plans

Sign up with Sembcorp Power to do your part for the environment. We retire 50kWh worth of RECs on your behalf monthly, so you would have helped to avoid 480kg* worth of carbon dioxide emissions when you sign up for a 24-month power plan! Switch to Sembcorp Power today to lower your carbon footprint without compromising on your lifestyle.

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Solar for Landed Properties

Embark on a journey to power your home with clean energy harnessed from the sun to enjoy savings on your electricity expenses and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are a homeowner with an existing solar PV system, switch to Sembcorp Power to enjoy savings on your electricity expenses. Request for a complimentary onsite assessment of your landed property to optimise the rooftop of your property and go green today!

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*Calculated based on a 24-month contract with 1,300kWh of green power and Singapore Grid Emission Factor (GEF), 2021