As a leading renewables player and an established industrial and urban solutions provider in Asia, we leverage our expertise to support energy transition and sustainable development.

A leading Asian renewables player

With a strong brand name in key markets such as China, India and Southeast Asia, we have a proven track record of growth, having expanded our renewables capacity from 2.6GW in 2020 to 14.3GW today. We continue to expand our renewables through leveraging capabilities, strategic partnerships and building platforms for growth.

Optimisation of operations to enhance returns

Our ability to conduct self-operations and maintenance (O&M) of our assets gives us the autonomy to enhance the energy-based availability and reliability of our assets while lowering maintenance costs. In India, we introduced our Virtual Brain platform, an analytics-based digital asset management system that enables remote data monitoring and supports onsite operations with performance monitoring, forecasting, real-time condition monitoring and anomaly detecting.

Wide spectrum of innovative and sustainable urban solutions

We have the sector expertise and global track record to deliver innovative solutions to promote sustainable development across our customers' value chain. These include solutions in renewable energy, water and wastewater management, as well as Renewable Energy Certificates and carbon credits.

Proactive capital management

At Sembcorp, we have established a centralised treasury management unit which enables us to achieve efficiency and cost savings in capital management. We optimise our capital structure through active cash management, diversification of funding sources which include sustainable and green financing, as well as capital recycling to achieve prudent financial ratios and drive sustainable growth.

Well-positioned to leverage Asia's strong momentum in advancing renewables

With Asia's aggressive economic and renewables growth, we have the right capabilities to support the region's energy needs and transition. Our expertise enables us to successfully replicate our capabilities in diverse markets. Today, our track record includes operating one of the world's largest inland floating solar farms in Singapore and Southeast Asia's largest energy storage system, as well as owning one of India's largest wind portfolios under self-O&M.

Discover our brown to green transformation journey and our investment towards a more sustainable future for all.