The carbon management business of Sembcorp Industries, GoNetZero™ is a decarbonisation solution provider helping its clients to achieve their net zero goals through the provision of verified environmental attributes (such as RECs and carbon credits) and digital platform solutions. GoNetZero™ suite of digital services includes GoNetZeroConnect, which provides emission estimation tracking in a single dashboard, a platform for buying and selling of credible of RECS and carbon credits, as well as NetZeroOS, for management and optimisation of energy assets across solar and wind. 

Since its launch in 2022, GoNetZero™ has secured over 40 multinational customers, including OCBC, Razer as well as UBS. GoNetZero™ is supporting these companies meet their decarbonisation goals across operations in 14 countries. To support international markets expansion, GoNetZero™ has set up office presence in three key markets: Singapore, the UK and Vietnam. GoNetZero™ also announced the launch of Renewable Energy Navigator Explorer (René), a natural language, conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides users and simplified energy insights at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2023. René is built to provide real-time and global accessibility that allows business leaders and owners to gain a holistic overview of their energy assets across operations; deliver readily digestible information, enhancing comprehension and decision-making in the management of renewable energy assets.


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